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On a positive note, at least we beat The Irritated Tulsan…

7:41 AM EST on February 9, 2009


The winners of the 2008 Okie Blog Awards have been announced. If you remember, we were named a finalist in the following three categories:

• Best Overall Blog
• Best Humor Blog
• Best Looking Blog

Well...just like last year, we didn't win anything. That blows. However, we were the runner-up in two categories:  "Best Overall" and "Best Humor". That's probably a good thing, because now we'll get links and publicity but we won't be forced to display a purple banner on our sidebar that uses Broadway font and features the weird-looking shield from our state flag.

The Pioneer Women won the "Best Overall" and "Best Looking" categories. That's as surprising as learning Kelly Ogle is a Republican. She's essentially the Oprah Winfrey of Oklahoma bloggers. She's female, housewives love her, and she'll totally kick your ass if your competing against her in anything.

In the "Best Humor" category we were defeated by some blog called Decisionally Challenged. The blog is so funny that it's name isn't even in it's web address ( I would suggest you visit it and laugh your ass off.    When you do, please promptly send us an email and explain why.

Anyway, we'd like to congratulate all the winners. We'd also like to thank everyone who nominated and voted for us. We are sorry that we let you down and weren't able to win. So we'll have a better chance to win next year, we are going to include a :) in every paragraph, post some pictures of Clark Pup, and give out the occasional lasagna recipe.

We're also going to hire some older stay-at-home mom to write for us and help capture that ellusive 40-year-old women vote. That should make us winners, guaranteed!

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