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Poll: Best Vintage Oklahoma City Commercial

Yesterday, one of our readers made my day by informing us he had put a plethora of old Paul Meade Insurance commercials on youtube.  I guess I owe him some Kerr-McGee paraphernalia.

Anyway, this new wealth of old school Oklahoma television got me to thinking.  What is the best vintage Oklahoma City Commercial online?  I culled YouTube for the best available and after the jump you can view them and vote on which deserves the title.  Also, if you have found a better one, let us know about it in the comment section.

Paul Meade Insurance

Something has occured to me recently that didn't cross my mind watching these commercials as a little kid.  This Paul Meade dude was making some bank back in the eighties.  Think about it.  These commercials ran constantly which means he was investing some serious coin into local advertising.  Then, the production value on the multitude of commercials his firm put out were better than 99% of local ads even now.  And most of them are animated.  Back then, there was no computer animation, so some artists were sinking a ton of hours into making that crude Tall Paul guy move.  Keep in mind he had to be serving just the 405 because he obviously wasn't pimping an 800 number.

Worth every penny!


Sure, Linda Soundtrak was the most annoying pitch person alive at a time when being an annoying pitch person was an artform.  But don't you miss her?

B.C. Clark

There's an internet rumor, which I'm starting right now, that the kid singing at the three second mark is Tony, our former editor.

Ruby's Produce

I'm not sure what happened to Ruby's produce.  Odds are it was run out of business by that monolithic corporate behemouth that is OSU-OKC.  Or maybe the Edmond Farmer's Market.  But for a place that looks like it spent no more on it's store front than one of those hut shops in Mozambique, they came up with a pretty good jingle.

Epperson Photo/Video

As opposed to Linda Soundtrack's yelping, Tall Paul's animation, or B.C. Clark's jingle, the Epperson's were straight to the point, and true to their cue cards.

Also, you have to love seeing what the state of the art camcorders they were shilling back then looked like.  I'm pretty sure the digital handy cam I record the ClarkPupp's adventures with could fit into the tape bin of that Sony.


It's the spirit...the Oklahoma spirit...It's the spirit of Ok-la-ho-ma, Teeee Veeee Nine!  I almost disqualified this one because it features a young Gary England ruling the world back in the eighties.

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