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Power Poll: Best Variations of the Make it Snow Video

12:00 PM EST on January 7, 2009

Last year, and by last year I mean a couple of weeks ago, an Alpha Chi (pledge) from OU named Elyse Downs took the internet by storm...which is ironic, because she created the storm when she failed to make it snow.  Thanks to the dogged efforts of the video's creator (who we believe is this person) to innoculate the viral video, there have been some creative efforts to keep the world class hissy fit alive for all to see.  Some involve recreations, some involve commentary, and some involve wild imaginations.  As our service to you, we have culled together the best responses/variations of the classic "I Wanted to Make it Snow" video.  Enjoy!

An interesting experiment to test the theory that everything one says is funnier when helium is involved.  Conversely, there is a second go at it using the devil's audio filter.

A little half-assed, if you ask me, but it is a passable recreation.  You know, except for it being a dude.  Sitting on his sofa.  Being a little too handsy with that Makers Mark bottle.

Two of the best hissies in YouTube history re-mixed.

When I was in college, there was a show on MTV called Sifl & Olly.  I watched it every night and laughed hysterically.  (To answer your question:  No, I have never done drugs.)  This video made me miss that show.

At first glance, one would wonder why I'm just pointing to a repost of the original video.  The genius of this, though, is that someone posted it as a response to this video.

I wasn't sure what The Wizard of Oz had to do with this disgraced Alpha Chi pledge...until the split screen shots of the Cowardly Lion were juxtaposed.  Brilliant! 

I wasn't really expecting much when I clicked on this.  However, the Jack Black-wannabe with a silent movie villain's mustache had some good lines.  Some of my favorites:

I live in Minneapolis, and whoever makes it snow here needs to be punched in the d***.


Your friend is a d*** for putting this on the internet, you might need her to buy you a bottle of wine for consolation for this.  Or maybe introduce you to a nice boy who will put up with your irrational behavior, and obviously, lack of weather control.  I could deal with it personally, seem a little, um, high maintenance.  Only in the fact that if you're crying over not being able to make it snow, then you'd definitely cry over not being able to do something really simple.

An added bonus is that there is only one shriek during the entire monologue, and it's much more subdued than that of Elyse Downs. 

Due to language, this video probably isn't safe for work.  But then again, neither is watching YouTube videos.

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