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More on the Idiotheadz…

The guy in the picture above is Jordan Glover. Glover was one of the owners of Kegheadz, a loosely organized group of party planning douche bags from UCO. They got pretty upset a few weeks ago when the Oklahoma Tax Commission claimed they owed $320,000 in back taxes due to the income claims they made on MySpace. From the Oklahoman:

Tax officials got the wrong idea because of embellishments on the Kegheadz MySpace Web site that boasted things like "Over a billion served," "Biggest party in the state," and "Biggest party in the country," Glover said.

But that was just "exaggerated hype" designed to create a buzz and attract people to the parties, Glover said.

Yeah, I know. We wrote about this a few weeks ago. But that post was simply a heads-up to the Oklahoma Tax Commission to not take Clark Matthews' monetary claims seriously. I never really mentioned how I felt about the Idiotheadz who threw the parties, and in all honesty, never really planned to until somebody sent me the picture above. Now...what do I think?

I think that the Oklahoma Tax Commission should probably drop the case, but that Drew Edmondson should then sue the group for for false advertising. Why? Because not only do they openly admit to distorting facts to make their parties look cool, but they are also posting pictures like the the one above on their personal Facebook pages!

Seriously, you just can't get more "false advertising" than that picture. I don't care how slutty the girls are and how many $100 bills you had lying around, I seriously doubt two girls would want to make out behind a guy with a 1989 haircut and half goatee. That is unless these parties took place on the south side. Then it wouldn't be surprising at all.

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