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Apparently racists like OU football, too.

12:00 AM EDT on September 17, 2008

From the Tulsa World:

State Rep. Randy Terrill, whose bankruptcy case has been reopened, spent more than $2,000 in campaign funds to buy University of Oklahoma football tickets, a new court filing shows.

Terrill's attorney, Jeffrey West of Oklahoma City, filed a 16-page document late last week detailing why Terrill's 2006 bankruptcy case should not be reopened.

The latest court filing shows that Terrill, R-Moore, wrote a personal check on April 13, 2006, that totaled $1,253 for OU football tickets. On May 1, 2006, Terrill paid another $1,088 for OU tickets. He was reimbursed with money taken from his campaign contributions fund.

Man, if I was Juaquin Iglesias, I would seriously be watching my back. And I guess it's now no surprise why Jacob Guiterrez ran like a frightened squirrel whenever he took the field. These guys were probably terrified they were going to be deported...and they are legal!

Anyway, I think the State Democrats (and any other sane person with a soul) now have a secret weapon to help them repeal the racism/ethnic cleansing law that Terrill worked so hard to pass. Here's the plan: simply have Carey Murdock tell Randy that Eduardo Nájera's little cousin is as five star supergold Top 150 dual-threat quarterback who is considering coming to the University of Oklahoma. If Randy Terrill is like any other OU Football fan, he'll probably do anything in his power to get the recruit to come here.  This "anything" will probably include repealing HB1804.

Think it will work?

I hope so.

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