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Oklahomans Are Too Trusting

You know how you scan through Craigslist and see items where the price seems too good to be true.  Sometimes they are.  Yeah, sure you might want to try to close the deal on buying those clubs from the ex-wife of an avid golfer or upgrade your home stereo system with equipment which is probably stolen.  However, and I wish Gary Good had heeded this advice, it is probably a bad idea to hire a prostitute through the free online classified service.

Gary Good, pictured with Robert Goulet above, is a successful businessman who lives in Nichols Hills.  If you want Barbara Bush, Dr. Joyce Brothers, or Richard Simmons to come speak at your corporate event, he's the man to contact.  If you want to procure a hooker, though, you should probably steer clear of his methods. 

While surfing the web recently, he unwittingly became the star John for a OCPD prostitution sting, when an offer of sex for $100 was too much for him to turn down.  After inviting the "Craigslist Prostitute" to his home, he allegedly made the deal, and next thing he knows instead of strings free fornication, he finds himself the topic of a Paco Balderrama press conference.  Oops.

Gary has not been the only naive Oklahoman to fall prey to a sting operation this week.  KOCO reported that customers of Central National Bank of Enid were the victims of a "smishing" scheme in which a text message sent to their phones informed the person that their account had been frozen.  To remove the freeze, the customer was asked to text back personal information such as their account number and PIN.

For the record, it is always a bad idea to divulge your bank information.  Plus, if your bank needs you to give them basic information that they should have on file, you probably need a new bank.  The only time it is safe to give this information to a third party is if you are responding to a Craigslist ad placed by

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