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A (Gulp!) Defense of Crazy Uncle Coburn

2:31 PM EDT on August 14, 2008

In a development that is as shocking to me as it is to everyone else, I feel compelled to stand up for Oklahoma's least-bad senator, Tom Coburn.  Currently, the man we have referred to as "Crazy Uncle Coburn" is being brought up on charges by the Senate Ethics Committee for, get this, delivering babies free of charge.

One could say that Coburn is getting off easy.  He once suggested that doctors who perform abortions should be eligible for the death penalty.  As an obstetrician, Coburn would likely be guilty of that crime.  So, a slap on the wrist from the Ethics Committee is probably preferrable.  Of course, it is difficult to see how Coburn performing medical procedures, one that actually costs him a considerable amount of money considering he still has to pay for malpractice insurance, for no fee in the name of keeping his skills sharp for when he retires from politics qualifies as an ethical delimma.

I actually find myself agreeing with Republican state representative Doug Cox who says:

(T)hose people ought to be bowing down and thanking him for helping with the health care access crisis in this country.

This, obviously, makes me feel dirty.  The next thing you know, Jim Inhofe will do something (anything) for the betterment of society and I will end up changing my voter registration.  On the bright side, this article panders to the 31% of Rasmussen respondents who feel that blogs should be required to give equal political coverage.  Yay us!

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