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Brent Rinehart Was Kind of Right…

Well, it looks like "Gladiator" from the Brent Rinehart Comic Book may actually live in the Oklahoma County jail. Unfortunately, there is no word on if he wears homoerotic costumes. From a article about a Justice Department report regarding our beautiful Oklahoma County jail:

A Justice Department report rips the Oklahoma County jail as a chaotic and largely unsupervised den of "unconscionable" violence, abuse and medical neglect.

The seriousness of the report led the U.S. Marshals and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to transfer 160 federal inmates from the Oklahoma County jail over the weekend to jails in Tulsa and Grady counties until the issues are officially resolved.

The report details excessive inmate-on-inmate violence and use of force by jail staff, an unsanitary kitchen with birds and insects, lack of clothing and showers, several fire hazards and virtually no mental health treatment. There is also an inadequate investigatory process to review deaths and other serious incidents, according to the report...

"I told you so," said a news release from District 2 Commissioner Brent Rinehart, a longtime critic of Whetsel's jail management tactics.

Unless some gay boy scout leader holds a group of Tenderfoots hostage at Camp Kickapoo, this will hopefully be the only strange accusation from the comic book to actually come true. That being said, we should probably give Brent Rinehart a trophy or something for bringing up the bad jail conditions before the justice report was released. We should then beat him over the head with the trophy for telling us about the jail conditions in a poorly written and drawn comic book.

Anyway, there is a part of me that thinks Brent Rinehart should create a comic book series called the "The Adventures of Brent and Gladiator." It could chronicle how Gladiator "“ the crazy Oklahoma County jailer "“ was turned to good by "inmate awaiting transfer" Brent Rinehart. The duo could then solve crimes and mysteries that take place each day in the Oklahoma County jail. It may actually be a good read.

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