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Worst of OKC: Worst Douche Bag to Actually Be Seen With in Public

There are plenty of douche bags to go around in Oklahoma City. They hang out at places like Cafe Nova, Baker Street... and OPUBCO. Vote for the douche bag you would least like to be seen with in public after the jump.

John Paul Merritt

Watching The Bachelorette has you teetering on edge of douche baggery, but appearing on it and finishing second? That puts in you in douche bag lore. But that's not the worst part. Not only does John Paul or JP or whatever his name is list his occupation as an "entrepreneur" on his not-yet-private MySpace Page, but the dude also owns Cafe Nova. Dear god, that pretty much makes him King of Douche Bags. However, all that does not mean that he is the worst on to be seen in public with....right? Because there is always...

Dave Morris

Cheesy rock band? Check. Hot girlfriend/fiance? Check. Demanding to be two scrabble letters for a group Halloween costume? Check Check. Posting pictures like these on your MySpace Page? Douche bag.

Brent Skarky

Somebody once asked me why we think that Brent Skarky is a douche bag. I really don't know. Encouraging people to vote for you in an Internet celebrity tournament is one reason. The other, he just kind of looks like one.


Tony had it all. Fame. Fortune. Women. The most quotes in our Gazette article. But then he gave it all up to start a campaign to get Jennifer Reynolds back on the air.

Jason White

Jason White is such a douche bag that he'd put his name atop some booth selling rugs at 74th and South Penn. He also choked in the all the big games for OU and retired from the NFL after two practices and a set of wind sprints.

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