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Brent Rinehart is probably homophobic…

Here's the YouTube clip of our favorite "cartoon book" genius Brent Rinehart getting grilled by CNN.

My favorite part was when Rinehart was asked if he was homophobic. Seriously, I half way expected Brent to spin some answer where he accused Jim Roth and Drew Edmondson of living in a small neighborhood near the Paseo called "Homophobia" complete with gladiators, Peter Pan and Boy Scout leaders as neighbors. But he didn't, which is a shame, because it would have been pretty damn funny. Instead, Rinehart just denied even knowing what the word homophobic means.

Anyway, after watching the clip, I thought that we should try to organize some crazy event to get Rinehart out of office before the voters do it later this year. Unfortunately, according to "The Lost Ogle political expert who I'm not sure I can name or not", we can't:

Oklahoma has no provision for recall, and only statewide elected officials -- Governor, for instance, or appeals court judges -- can be removed via impeachment.

According to the state constitution, Section VIII-2: "All elective officers, not liable to impeachment, shall be subject to removal from office in such manner and for such causes as may be provided by law."

Acts of moral turpitude, certain misdemeanors, and felony convictions can result in automatic disqualification from office.

That sucks. It would have been pretty cool to organize a "Recall Rinehart" campaign. I'll just take solace in the fact that he is obviously not going to be reelected. Plus, I think he may have been charged with a felony or something a while back, so maybe he'll go to jail or something. Maybe he'll even send us comic books that describe life behind bars. And maybe after going to jail, he'll know what homophobic really means.

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