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Save Jaime Cerreta!

Here is some bad news for those of us who heart lunges. It looks like KOKH evening anchor Jaime Cerreta has a talent page on From her online resume:

In my decade of news experience, I have consistently exceeded station expectations. Ratings in key demographics have increased each month since I started in my current position as Main Anchor/Reporter at KOKH FOX 25 Oklahoma City. I co-anchored the two top-rated nights and the best book ever in the station's 10 year history.

Ratings Success - Community Involvement - Seasoned Anchor - Self Motivated - Solid Reporter - Succeeds under pressure

According to our media "insiders," when a news personality posts one of these resume things, it usually means that the anchor has the "blessing" of the station management to look for a new job. If that's the case, whoever runs Channel 25 probably needs to be fired tomorrow morning and then forced to listen to Mark Shannon on KTOK for two weeks as punishment.

Instead of giving Jaime permission to post an online resume, KOKH should probably just get rid of Andrew Speno, combine his old salary with her's, and then force her to sign a long term contract. They should also get rid of Myron Patton and that weird weatherman and have Jamie do those segments, too. They should also buy her green shots on St. Patrick's Day, because we think she likes green shots on St. Patrick's Day. That would make us happy.

Anyway, please call Channel 25 at 405.843.2525 and voice your concerns. As a happy group, maybe we can save Jaime Cerreta.

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