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Worst of OKC: Worst Local Politician

Originally, this post was scheduled to go up yesterday, but we had to delay it due to the site maintenance.

Thank god! Because of our IT unexpertise, we were able to make a last second change to our "Worst Local Politician" nominees. This change resulted in Mayor Mick getting bumped. Hmmn. I wonder who replaced him???

Vote after the jump.

(p.s.- This is for local politicians. We left our amazing US Senators and Representatives off the list.)

Lance Cargill:
Lance used to be big time. He was Speaker of the House, gathered a bunch of ideas and even a-l-l-e-g-e-d-l-y received voicemails like these. Then he decided to not pay his taxes. When you're the Speaker of the House, that's usually not a good idea. Now he's becoming a political consultant. Good luck to him on that.

Shane Jett:
Shane Jett could discover a cure for cancer and figure out how to turn red dirt into gold and he'd still make this list because of that whole five-megagillion foot tall oil derrick he proposes that we build over the Oklahoma river.

Sally Kern:
Sally Kern's bigoted, derogatory anti-gay remarks were an embarrassment to all Oklahomans. How she could ever be elected to a political office is amazing. The only thing I would vote for her to do is raise a group of 32-year-old celibate metaphysics-practicing music teachers.

Brent Rinehart:
He may be facing criminal charges, be in trouble with the IRS and create strange comic books about himself, but he also likes to get drunk with girls and party!

(photos swiped from the ultra liberal McCarville Report Online)

Randy Terrill:
Seriamente, no tengo ninguna pista cómo este individuo camina alrededor en público sin conseguir golpe para arriba. Sus draconianos, discriminatorio "consiguen librados de ésos no como nosotros" cuenta son cerca de uno de los leyes más mudos que este estado tiene cada pasado.

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