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Sure, I may be 100% heterosexual, but I am sympathetic to the plight of the gay. Generally, I hate discrimination of any kind and am appalled at people assigning all the evils of the world on the behavior of people whose actions affect only themselves. Truth be told, however, I have not been exposed to many uncloseted gay people. I just haven't. And some people may say that's the reason I am sympathetic to their plight. If I were to be fully exposed to the flamboyance they display at, say, a gay pride parade, perhaps I too would be enlightened at the threat they pose on society.

Luckily for me, one of our MySpace friends gave us a heads up to the 21st Annual Oklahoma City gay pride parade, which I took my wife and son (his first parade!) along with me to attend. Now that the parade is old enough to drink, it was bound to be extra flamboyant. My findings after the jump:

Gays go to church.

Gays are good with computers. (Perhaps they could help us with our server problem.)

Gays are a peaceful people.

Gays like dogs--real and fake.

Gays have manlier mascots than the University of Oklahoma.

Gays speak Spanish.  Now I understand why Randy Terrill opposes the Gay agenda.

Gays teach.

Now this makes sense.

Gays ride horses...

Gay horses are just as inconsiderate as straight horses.

Gays keep us safe...actually this guy might have been paid to be there.

Anyway, after an evening seeing gays at their most flamboyant, I found them to be just like the straight people I know, minus the ability to be attracted to the opposite sex. Well, maybe not completely the same:

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