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“I’m thinking of you naked and with lotion on. Bye.”

So I stumbled across this weird little clip on YouTube. I have no clue what it's about, if it's true and why I've never seen or heard of it before. But what I do know is this: Liam McHugh is one hell of a marbles player. Or at least he looks like one.

Anyway, if the YouTube video above is even remotely close to being legit, I have a new found respect for Lance Gargill and think that he should be reinstated as Speaker of the House immediately. Because if a guy is getting voice mails like this, he has to be doing something right.

(p.s. Clark Matthews just left me a voice mail telling me that new dandruff shampoo he was using on one half of his head didn't tingle, while the old Head n Shoulders did. He then mentioned something about jealousy and inferiority. I'm confused.)

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