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Read the Gazette article again and again and again and again…

In case you forgot, back in early May the Oklahoma Gazette decided to do a big feature article on the website that you are currently reading. In our little dot-com world, that was kind of a big deal. Hell, it was such a big deal that even Mike McCarville took notice.

Now...after a little wait...we have finally gotten our hands on an official PDF. Granted, we had to place some escort service ads in the back of the Gazette to score it, but it was well worth the trouble. For one, I had no clue Clark Matthews gave such good massages, and two, it was great to finally meet Brent Skarky in person.

Anyway, to avoid lawsuits and stuff, we have to tell you the following legal stuff.

1. The article can only be republished on The Lost Ogle; (I guess this means you can't steal it and post it on your blog.)

2. The article cannot be altered in any manner; (That means we can't add any fake quotes from Clark Matthews, who despite being interviewed, was not quoted.)

3. A link to our Web site,, must accompany the article; (You can also check out the Gazette's blog -OKGWidget- which is updated on a monthly basis.)

4. An acknowledgment of the name of the paper and the author of the article must accompany the article, and the following text must be added: "Copyrighted by Gazette, Media, Inc. Republished with permission". (The article was written by a guy named Rod Lott. We are pretty sure that Rod does drugs.)

So click this link, read it and...uh...enjoy. Tony and I have some pretty amazing quotes in it, plus it's ad free. For a $1,000 donation to the Lost Ogle Fund, you can even get an autographed copy of the article FedEx'ed to you. And if you order now, you can get a massage from Clark Matthews thrown in for free.

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