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For some reason, when I first read the headline of this article from, I thought Brent Skarky could be the culprit. But then I realized that he wasn't from Tahlequah:

Texas ranch sues Tahlequah man over disputed bull semen

A Texas ranch company is suing a Missouri genetics company and an Oklahoma rancher over bull semen alleged to have been extracted from a bull named Mommas Boy over a 13-day period in April.

The suit alleges that the ranch company paid for Mommas Boy on April 2, but didn't receive the bull until April 15. The suit claims the seller, Dale Glory of Tahlequah, Okla., and two co-defendants collected sperm specimens from the bull during the 13 days between sale and delivery, and had some of them taken to Genex for storing.

The suit also is seeking punitive damages of $100,000 from Glory, Debra Garland and Peter Maubach, who are accused of taking sperm specimens from the bull.

Well, I guess it's nice to know that there are other things to do in Tahlequah than get amazingly drunk and float a polluted river. Too bad that "other thing to do" is stealing semen from a bull named Mommas Boy. Seriously, the only thing that could have made this story any better was if he was named Chubbie Johnson or Randy Terrill.

Anyway, since that's NOT the case, I don't think there's too much more that we can add to this story. I couldn't find any pictures of the conspirators, but I did find Dale Glory's bull website. Unfortunately, it kind of sucked. It looked like it was designed in FrontPage and the only pictures on it were of his bulls Swamp Fox, Old School and Jack Bowen.  Weird, huh..

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