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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Honeybee Talor

Way back when, before I got an idea for something called "The Lost Ogle," I got the idea for something called "OKCHornetsCentral." One of my favorite posts over there was an open letter to the "skinny black dude who was wearing a sports jacket with jeans and dancing with Honeybee Talor." I wrote it after going to a game one night during the second season. Somehow, Honeybee Talor's mom found out about the post and wrote me the following comment:

You deserve way more curssing out than I can give you on this site!!! You must have a very boring life than to just try and start things!! Grow up and get a life! I am Honeybee Talors MOM and first off-She was at the game to enjoying her Spring Break and hasnt had a game off all year, she was with her BLONDE HONEYBEE friend LEAH and a MODEL FRIENDl from NEW YORK (Orig OKC), who happened to be in town and wanted to enjoy a game! So I dont understand what the"Black or Skinny or You Such! Comment really comes from and doesnt deserve your RUDE comments, I truely, really do not understand where you are coming from!

That post and comment has always stuck with me. For one, it featured über hot Honeybee Talor. Second, it made me realize how fun it is to obnoxiously irritate people who take things way too seriously. Third, the comment made me feel like a polished, educated writer.

Anyway, when the Sonics move here, they better bring back Honeybee Talor and make her Sonicette Talor or Thunderbird Talor or Bison Talor. They just need to keep away her douchebag black skinny model friend who could pull off the sports jacket and jeans look. Why? Because that guy still sucks.

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