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Lost Ogle Q & A: Mayor Mick Cornett

7:00 AM EDT on May 13, 2008

To celebrate our one year anniversary, the Mayor of Oklahoma City agreed to participate in a special Q & A with The Lost Ogle. Before you ask the questions, here are our answers:

• Yes, the mayor of Oklahoma City agreed to do a brief Q and A with a website called The Lost Ogle.

• Yes. This is real!

• Yes, he says things like "Athiest Leaettner" and "every day is Amy McRee day."

• Yes, this probably cripples the mayor's chances to be Senator Cornett.

Even though his answers are not as thorough or in-depth as Chris Callahan's, this is probably the best interview in Lost Ogle history. Granted, we've only done two of them, but who really cares. Read it after the jump.

Q: So, we are planning on this interview to appear during our special one-year anniversary week celebration. Which is stranger, we've lasted a year without being attacked or assaulted, or that the Mayor of Oklahoma City is doing an interview with a website called The Lost Ogle?

A: If people knew who you were and where you were, you would have been assaulted long ago.


Q: You and Amy McRee had an epic battle in the Ogle Madness Elite 8. She basically pulled a Christian Leattner on you and hit a last second shot. How many times did you vote, and did you send Amy a congratulations proclamation?

A: First of all, you've got to learn to spell Laettner's name correctly. Second of all, you've got to put someone on the ball. You can't let Grant Hill just toss the ball down court, I don't care if it's Christian Laetner or Athiest Leaettner. I voted once. She was just too tough. As far as I am concerned, every day is Amy McRee day.


Q: Which is more fun? Being the Mayor of Oklahoma City or playing pool with Jerry Park?

A: I never played pool with Jerry Park but once I got in the pool with Jerry Park. Use your imagination.


Q: Which is more political? Being the Mayor of Oklahoma City or working in the TV media.

A: Politics is very political.


Q: Right behind poker "bad beats" and fantasy football draft reviews, I think that hearing some dude talk about his ideas for our NBA team name is absolutely the worst conversation you can have. How often do people come up to you with annoying ideas?

A: It happens a lot but every once in a while, someone comes up with a good idea. That makes it all worthwhile.


Q: I like Meteorologists or Pink Robots for future team nicknames What do you think of those?

A: Pink Robots is an awesome name. I like it. Old sportscasters still have nightmares about reasons their time got cut. Next to meteorologists, I can't think of a worse name, unless it is Grass Fires.


Q: Also, last year on my fantasy football team I drafted Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson thinking they would be a great combo. I did this even though Romo and Owens were on the board! That sucked! I actually think I finished 5th in my league and made the second round of my playoffs, but I would have gone farther if Marion Barber didn't have a bad game. Would you have stuck with Barber and the tough match-up or would you have replaced him with Kevin Jones?


Q. New topic. We have heard rumors that there is Cardboard Mayor Mick on the prowl in Oklahoma City. When he's done telling people to eat at the Bell, can he play with our friend Cardboard Jim?

A: Cardboard Mick would be honored.


Q: Is it really possible to get skinny by eating 4 Taco Bell "fresco style" bean burritos at 2:00am every Saturday night?

A: Sure it is, but if you are eating four bean burritos, it is not your weight that you should be worried about.


Q: Ever thought about promoting a light beer? They do have fewer calories than regular old beers.

A: Could I do a commercial with Boog Powell? He could say "Taste Great" and I could say "Less Filling."


Q: Set the record straight. What did you do that nearly cost the 89er's a championship?

A: I plead the fifth.


Q: To stay out of trouble, have you considered adding Aubrey McClendon, Clay Bennett and Tom Ward to your spam list? Also, what does David Stern's email signature say?

A: I plead the sixth, seventh and eighth. I think it is something creative like "David."


Q: Who's your favorite Lost Ogle editor. Me, Tony or Clark Matthews. I guess it should be noted that I voted for you a few years ago. They voted for that old guy who owned the book store.

A: Nuff said.

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