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March for Babies

8:02 AM EDT on May 2, 2008

WARNING: This post is not going to be funny. And when I say it's not going to be funny, I don't mean it in a "nothing Clark Matthews writes is funny" way. I mean it is a serious post on a serious subject. If you come to this site to escape from reality, I beseech you to come back later when Patrick or Tony, maybe even me, catch you up on the latest happenings at the Okfuskee County Jail or give you an update on the whereabouts of Chubby Johnson.

For most people, pregnancy is a wonderful time where the morning sickness and uncomfortable weight gain eventually lead to bringing home a child to begin or add on to their family. That is not the case for all, though, and not just the teenagers who failed their abstinence-only education classes. Sometimes babies fail to wait until they are developed enough to survive outside the womb. For those prospective mothers and fathers, pregnancy becomes a nightmare.

Thanks to the people at the March of Dimes, there are some happy endings for some of these families. Their research has provided Newborn Intensive Care Units with procedures that can assist in keeping some of these underdeveloped children breathing and growing and eventually going home, growing up, and having babies of their own.

Tomorrow morning (May 5th) at the Myriad Gardens, the March of Dimes' biggest fundraiser/awareness-building activity will occur. For those of you who aren't too hungover to walk 6.2 miles and can wake up before 9:00, there will be "March for Babies" in which (hopefully) thousands of people will walk around downtown to the capitol and back. At the ending point local businesses will sponsor free food, and you will be in close proximity to Bricktown where, I hear, they sell alcohol.

For those of you who are lazy, but still want to support the March of Dimes, I have set up a team page for TheLostOgle. You can even use Paypal to make the donation.

Back to your regular, silly, programming.

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