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Not A Power Poll: The Metro’s Worst Intersections

For months we had been planning on doing a power poll of OKC's worst intersections. But, for whatever reason we just never got around to it.

We were going to post it today, but then it got late and we remembered that we always miss something obvious when we do these power polls. So instead we decided to just put our collective heads together and confer with a few Friends of The Lost Ogle and come up with some possibilities for the worst intersections in the area. No ranking, not a definitive list, and we want your input. Which ones do you avoid at all costs?

We have a few of our least favorites after the jump.

Penn & Memorial - Probably the strongest contender for #1, it was spoken of with disgust by nearly every person we've talked to regarding this list. It is under construction, so hopefully in a year it will no longer deserve a place in this post.

N. May & Britton - Our slippery and possibly not-completely-sane reader BabySealClubSammich brought this one to our attention describing "the sheer Beirut-sensation of N. May and Britton. It is as if every direction of the intersection has a speed-bump or a massive sink-hole."

Expressway and Penn - Never a pleasant experience, but this one is probably tops for any seasonal rankings, as anyone who's ever been here around Christmas time can attest. Tony nearly missed the tipoff for an OU basketball game this season because of this spot when a passenger in his car "just had to stop off and grab a gift real quick." Tony told his shrink that the experience that followed was the closest he ever came to actually attempting suicide.

NW 63rd and Hefner Parkway - During rush hour. Clark Matthews says it's the only place he's ever seen a police officer directing traffic without an accident involved. Clark Matthews has obviously never read a comments of a Justice League of Oklahoma post (No, we don't get this joke either. It just sounds like it should be funny, doesn't it? Sorry. It's late.).

Broadway Extension/I-44 junction - We've written about this one before. It's apparently going to be fixed by 2016, so hopefully in 8 years we will still be alive to enjoy it.

This isn't an Oklahoma City exclusive list. We also have...

33rd & Broadway (Edmond) - Tony estimates that in his short lifetime, he has spent nearly 6 years sitting at this intersection.

2nd & Broadway (Edmond) - Just down the road, this one deserves mention for the ridiculousness of having a major intersection in which one direction of traffic cannot turn left.

Boyd & Classen (Norman) - We asked two people for their worst Norman intersections. The both came back with the exact same two answers: Boyd & Classen and all of Lindsey Street. Apparently people of Norman do not understand the difference between an "intersection" and a "street." But that is neither here nor there.

Robinson and I-35ish (Norman) - Take it away, Ogle reader Shampy McShamperson: "it's like a series of three in a 20 yard distance. If you've ever been to a movie in Norman on a Friday or Saturday night, you know what I'm talking about ... One lane is trying to get on the interstate, one trying to get to the theater, one trying to just go straight to 36th, one trying to get into that crappy shopping mall where the dollar theater is. Massive mess."

I-40 & Morgan Road (Yukon? Mustang? West OKC?) - Patrick apparently still has nightmares about the truck stop here and the line of semis causing his traffic headaches.

Okay, that's all from our end. What did we miss? What did we get right? It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to complain about traffic to people that actually want to hear your stories!

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