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Farewell, Fair Man-Boob

If you are reading this, that means you have survived today's torrential downpour. Either that or you have invented some sort of device that allows you to read the internet under water. In which case we drool with envy.

We heard today the unfortunate news that Tyler Suiters and his sweet, sweet veiny arms are apparently out at KOCO and his last day will be next week. We're fans of Tyler and his wife, Kimberly Lohman, and we wish them all the best. Between Suiters, Constance Jones and Aaron Tuttle, Channel 5 has lost a lot of Ogle favorites over the past few months. We're afraid Husker Rick and Jessica Shambach should be watching their backs.

We know what you are wondering. No, at this moment The Lost Ogle is not ready to make our endorsement for Suiters' replacement. We are, however, prepared to fight tooth and nail against the hiring of Bill Self's Toupee, who is rumored to be receiving a six-figure deal to do the 10 o'clock news if Self is hired to coach at OSU. Though we are fans of diversity in the marketplace, and it is true inanimate objects are not well represented in the OKC media, we simply do not feel Bill Self's Toupee is the right choice for KOCO at this time.

Best wishes, Tyler and Kimberly. If you ever need anything, just page us.

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