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Ogle Madness: Midwest Region, Second Round

Yesterday, I took a little heat because I forgot to link to the updated Ogle Madness bracket. To make up for it, here is the bracket that our loyal reader "Stevo" submitted to our bracket pool. She's currently in first place, probably because she's the only one who entered. On that note, our sources within The Dark Tower have confirmed that George Lang is winning the OPUBCO Ogle Madness bracket pool, while a friend of Ed Doney confirmed that a snubbed and bitter Cherokee Ballard is running away with the KFOR pool.

Anyway, lets move on to this week's Field of 32 match-ups from the Midwest Regional. Here they are:

    • (1) Amy McRee vs. (8) Rick & Brad
    • (4) Mike Beckett vs. (5) Maggie Carlo
    • (3) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (6) Tyler Suiters
    • (2) Mayor Mick vs. (10) Bob Barry Jr.

Remember, the winners of this round advance to Midwest Region Semi-Finals to be played in Guthrie. Translation: They advance to the Sweet 16.

(1) Amy McRee vs. (8) Rick and Brad

About Amy McRee:

Previous Result: Defeated Bob Mills' Sweater Designer, 317-145

Conference: The Float the Illinois River League chill at Lake Arcadia league

Who she is: 10pm Anchor for KWTV Channel 9

Biggest Strength: Her eyes...and friends.

Biggest Weakness: Lack of piercings.

Fun Fact: You will often find her emceeing local events around town or playing in charity golf tournaments.


About Rick and Brad:

Previous Result: Defeated jack & Ron, 294-91

Conference: LMDJ (Longtime Morning Disc Jockeys)

Who they are: Morning Show guys on the KATT

Biggest Strength: Longevity. We used to listen to these dudes in Junior High.

Biggest Weakness: Dean Blevins no longer does their sports report.

Fun Fact: We think one of them used to be on KLITE 102.



(4) Mike Beckett vs. (5) Maggie Carlo

About Mike Beckett

Mike Beckett

Previous Result: Defeated Hinder, 194-146

Conference: Henry Hudson Brawlers

Who he is: "The Scrotal Assasin"

Biggest Strength: A powerful grip.

Biggest Weakness: Tolerance of University of Texas fans.

Fun Fact: Despite assumptions to the contrary, Beckett did not attend the University of Oklahoma. In fact, he did not go to college in Oklahoma at all, rather choosing to get his degree at a small school in Kansas. How he developed such an irrational hatred of UT fans is, therefore, a mystery we hope comes up at his trial.


About Maggie Carlo:

Previous Result: Defeated Grace Hanadarko, 271-94

Conference: Hot TV Chicks

Who she is: One of the two hot 10pm anchorwomen on KOCO

Biggest Strength: Her "What Matters to You!" blog

Biggest Weakness: She forwards the love letters you write her to police detectives.

Fun Fact: She's pretty sure that drinking Diet Coke will give you cancer.



(3) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (6) Tyler Suiters

About Ashlynn Brooke:

Previous Result: Defeated Tyler Nelson, 200-50

Conference: Flesh

Who she is: Porn Star

Biggest Strength: She Likes It Big #2, Double Play #5, Busty College Co-Eds P.O.V. #3

Biggest Weakness: Table manners

Fun Fact: Suffered humiliating defeat at 2002 hot dog eating contest when a confused Ashlynn spent 15 minutes on the first one.


About Tyler Suiters:

Previous Result: Defeated Charles Hill, 171-92

Conference: AOOKCAC (Anchormen of OKC Athletic Conference)

Who he is: KOCO News Anchor

Biggest Strength: Tyler Suiters played college football. This actually makes him the most qualified person at KOCO to host SportsXtra. It's a shame he's pigeonholed as a news anchor.

Biggest Weakness: Man boobage. Plus he's stuck in the 90s technology wise. Check out that awesome pager!

Fun Fact: Tyler is married to fellow KOCO newsperson Kimberly Lohman.



(2) Mayor Mick vs. (10) Bob Barry Jr.

About Mayor Mick:

Previous Result: Defeated Clark Matthews, 156-96

Conference: Local Government

Who he is: Former Sportscaster, Current Mayor, General Renaissance Man

Biggest Strength: Listed in the Guiness Book of World Records under the category "Most Adept At Properly Enunciating The Phrase 'Major League City.'"

Biggest Weakness: His dedication to losing weight could come crashing down when he remembers how much he loves eating Buffalo Wild Wings.

Fun Fact: Years ago, at a junior golf tournament at Earlywine, then-sportscaster Mick bought Tony a Coke.


About Bob Barry Jr.:

Previous Result: Defeated Clay Bennett, 138-115

Conference: Sports Talkers

Who he is: I don't know buddy, you tell me.

Biggest Strength: Associating numbers with golfers. Attracting female bloggers.

Biggest Weakness: Insecurity at not having an extended Sunday night sports broadcast like Dean Blevins or Mark Rodgers

Fun Fact: Seems to have resolved his previous, um, "disputes" with Mike Steely.


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