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At least she pays property taxes…

The lady giving the little anti-gay manifesto in the YouTube clip above is State Rep Sally Kern. She represents the brilliant people living in District 84 in Western Oklahoma City and frighteningly enough is the chair of the House Social Services Committee. As a raging heterosexual, Sally's right-wing stereotypical Oklahoma conservative rant on homosexuality really pisses me off. In fact, it pisses me off so much that I:

"¢ Decided to give you a link to her district homepage that shows her home address in case you want to send her a letter.

"¢ Provided you with a link to picture of her house that is openly available at the Oklahoma County Assessor web page. This is in case you want to go egg it or paint a huge rainbow on the garage.

"¢ Did some Internet sleuthing trying to hopefully uncover that one of her sons mentioned on her bio page, Jesse or Nathan, may be gay. Unfortunately, all I could found out is that one of them is apparently married to this chick. Maybe Hopefully she's a lesbian or something. Because that would be ironic! Get it??? Satire. Ha ha.

Anyway, I'd like to think that Sally Kern would resign or get disciplined or something, but judging from the somewhat arrogant, unapologetic statements in this Channel 9 interview, I'll bet that she'll run for some bigger office and probably win.

(Update: Originally, we displayed picture of Ms. Kern's house and her daughter-in-law. Because it's Sunday, we've decided just link to those images. This may be a sign that we are developing a conscience, but I doubt it.)

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