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Vote YES on March 4th! (Reason 15)

12:01 AM EST on February 29, 2008

Here is reason 15. It's a pretty simple one: give this old lady something else to complain about.

Dear god, what's the world coming to when the old lady who uses coupons at Walgreens and holds up the line is now able to freely go in front of the Oklahoma City Council and give her piece of mind on issues that are way over her head. Seriously, I was waiting for her to pull out old photos of her grandkids and then applaud the quality of portrait studio at the southside Sears, but I don't know if she did, because I could only watch 30 seconds of the clip before falling asleep.

Anyway, old ladies like this Wanda Jo Peltier Stapleton annoy me. It annoys me when they wreak havoc on our traffic system while trying to make brunch at the Cracker Barrel and annoys me when they want to ruin something great like the NBA coming to Oklahoma City.

It annoys me when weirdos try to screw it up, too.

So be cool! Piss them all off and vote "Yes!" on Tuesday!

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