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Happy Birthday, Dave!

12:01 AM EST on February 27, 2008

So, according to a reader email, today is Dave Morris' birthday. To celebrate the occasion, I've embedded a clip of (I think) Dave's rockin' band Falcon Five-O singing a song about Look at OKC. If you don't blink, you'll notice a quick clip of Dave keyboarding away about 18-seconds into it:

We've been pretty tough on Dave since we've discovered he's a douche bag, has a big ego and doesn't get scared in movies, so let us be the first of hopefully many to wish him a happy birthday. Overall, we bet Dave's an okay guy and hopefully someday will help us get a nice table at Cafe Nova.

If you would like to join us in wishing Dave a happy birthday, please do so in the comments. Or better yet, send him an email at Since it's his birthday, don't mention how weird and yucky it is that he had his band play a song about his employer. Save that for another day.

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