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Kelly Ogle’s Street Cred Is Unimpeachable

By Tony

1:59 PM EST on January 30, 2008

Personally, I think Kelly Ogle should keep making jokes like this:

I'm down with that. That's some street talk just in case any teenagers are still listening.

That's just hilarious stuff, and only slightly more awkward than, say, Mitt Romney's attempt to relate to America's youth.

This is all just part of KWTV's new effort to attract a more hip, urban demographic. Consider all that we have seen recently:

  • Robin Marsh's decision to wear a grill while doing the morning broadcast.
  • Ed Murray stumping for Ron Paul and telling the public that a Paul presidency would be "the crunkest administration since Millard Fillmore was in office."
  • Alex Cameron, in reporting the death of Gordon Hinckley, pulling out a 40 of malt liquor and pouring some out for his homey, the "most legit president of the Morman church evah!"
  • Anyway, I think it is really great that Channel 9 is trying to diversify their viewership, and I look forward to Toby Rowland's upcoming rap debut.

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