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Lance Cargill eats puppies…

Don't let that nice picture fool you! Lost Ogle sources have confirmed that Oklahoma House Speaker (and Idea List Maker ) Lance Cargill eats puppies in his spare time, and when nobody is looking, dumps their carcasses near some abandoned warehouse in Southeast Oklahoma City!

Actually, to be perfectly honest, our "sources" really haven't really confirmed this story at all. It's just something that we made up because the Daily Oklahoman published a "not so good" article regarding Cargill this past weekend. Here is the first sentence of the article:

Oklahoma House Speaker Lance Cargill was delinquent in paying property taxes on his Harrah law office six years in a row, an investigation by The Oklahoman revealed.

Yeah...when the Daily Oklahoman starts launching "investigations" into Republican House Speakers, you know that there has to be something bigger and badder going on than some dude just trying to avoid forgetting to paying taxes. Maybe he messes up Ed Kelley's hair whenever they meet, or maybe he believes in global warming, but I'm starting to think the state's newspaper doesn't like him.

And in other Lance Cargill news, his "100 Ideas book" will be available on Tuesday. There has been no word yet if any of our ideas made the final list ( at least idea #3485 made the website), but some probably should have. There's also been no word on if an idea about "forgetting" to pay your taxes made the list, either.

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