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Another “drunk sex” poll…


Apparently, you really do learn something new everyday.

Like today, for example, we learned (from reader comments that you'll never see) that Amanda from "The Biggest Loser" has a larger fan club than Toby Keith, Megan Mullally and the City of Bethany combined. We also learned that one out of every five individuals would have drunk sex with her over Amis from America's top model.

Anyway, we (and especially I) now kind of feel kind of bad about the whole thing. Because not only did we make Amanda's friends and fans mad at us, but we pissed off her husband, too. To make up for this blunder, here is a totally different poll regarding who you'd rather have drunk sex with.

Also, please be sure to take this poll as serious as Amanda's fans took the other one, because you are at a website called It just doesn't get much more serious than that...

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