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Apocalypse 2007!!! (?)

3:40 PM EST on December 10, 2007

As you can see, this is not a picture of any of the 10 hottest men in the Oklahoma media. It is a picture of a bush encased in ice. This is also not a post in which we rank the 10 hottest men in the Oklahoma media. I know we promised you that last Friday, but, in the immortal words of the great Oklahoman, Gene Autry, "Just friggin' deal with it, suckers."

Patrick was supposed to post the list today, but I just got off the phone with him and he claims that his house hasn't had power since 3 AM. Personally I think this is most likely a lie. No one else knows this, but I will let you in on a little secret: Patrick is addicted to soap operas. This isn't the first time we've had to deal with him shirking his duties just so he can watch "Days of Our Lives." Last time his punishment was to watch 1-800-2SELLHOMES commercials for three straight hours, but it seems even that didn't do the trick.

Pat did have one question for our readers. If I understood him correctly (it was tough, he had "As the World Turns" blaring in the background), he says that some of his neighbors' trees have fallen over, knocking over fences and falling into his backyard. Who is responsible for the clean-up, he wants to know? We at the site took a vote. Patrick says the neighbor is responsible for the clean-up. Clark said that Patrick is. And I said BJ Wexler should have to do it. He should also supply everyone with free popcorn. What say you, Lost Oglers?

Anyway, the long-anticipated list of the hottest men in the Oklahoma City media will probably be up tomorrow, so until then I hope everyone can stay warm and safe through the weather.

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