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Dave Morris has a big ego…

10:27 AM EST on November 30, 2007

Tony once told me that wearing a "I HEART Lunges" shirt to the gym is about as cool as wearing the t-shirt of a band to one of their concerts. Since that's the case, I will not be wearing a Dinosaur Jr. shirt next Sunday at the Conservatory. Tony's words of wisdom also made me wonder what he thinks about a bunch of people dressing up in Scrabble pieces that spell out their employer's name to their employer's Halloween costume contest. I bet he'd think it's "not cool."

Anyway, when I see the picture above, I imagine the meeting in the NewsOK studio where they were all thinking of possible group costume ideas. I bet the dude (Letter S) in the middle wanted to be the crew from "Gilligan's Island", while the hip guy (Letter K) with the red bandanna wanted to a group of ninjas, and the girl on the far right (Letter N) wanted to be the KOCO News Team. And while they were discussing these cool ideas, Dave Morris said that probably the best idea would be for them to be Scrabble letters that spell out NewsOKTV. And then Angie Bruss said they didn't have enough people to spell it out, and that they should just be a nativity scene and that Dave could even be Baby Jesus, but then Dave quickly volunteered to be the letters "T" and "V" and the costume situation was settled.

Geeze. If that's all true, which I'm sure it probably is, you got to wonder how big of an ego this Dave Morris guy must have! Not only did he probably think this up to kiss Ed Kelly's ass, but he also decided to be the shirt with two letters. I bet this was so he could draw attention to himself and also tie the letter K for the highest total points. Hell, I bet he even had a "triple word score" card hidden in his back pocket and some weird new age urban dictionary that proves TV can be considered a word, just in case Mr. Monday showed up as the letter X.

Yeah. That's probably all true. I guess.

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