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Is Imitation the Highest Form of Flattery?


On October 12th, I posted an item called Fun With Pictures, where I said:

I figured this would be a neat little exercise to do whenever it appears that the three of us have a serious case of bloggers block (which seems to be today's case). I'll call it "Fun with Pictures", where we take three outstanding pictures from Oklahoma websites and provide our own neat little captions. And, since our reader comments are usually a lot better than what we write, please contribute your captions, too. Whoever provides the best one wins a piece of Clark Matthews' Birthday Cake.

This week we are featuring pictures from the Look@OKC website. See them after the jump. Good luck!

A few weeks later, I posted another Fun With Pictures"“only this time I featured Wayne Coyne's interview with NewsOK anchorthingys Dave Morris and Angi Bruss.

I bring up these boring facts because earlier today I visited NewsOK to search for Mr. Monday's lost column. After a few seconds, I was greeted by the blurb above, which announces a "Caption Competition" at Look@OKC. Here's the gist:

Here is the Photo of the Week from LOOK@OKC. Tell us what it says to you. Submit your caption below. Then check back to find out what the best caption is and to see the next Photo of the Week!

Okay. I know we didn't invent stupid little photo caption contests. I'll also admit that I don't know how long Look@OKC has been running this contest (although I think it's pretty new). But when you take this "Caption Competition" and combine it with Mr. Monday using our Kelvin Sampson Halloween costume idea in a column, it makes me wonder if a list of Oklahoma's Top 100 Mortifications will soon be coming from the state's largest newspaper. And if you are going to rip off a "Caption Competition" idea from a local amateur website, at least give us some good, funny pictures to caption. Not one of some guy and a floating tennis ball.

Anyway, in the name of immature spite and good obnoxious fun, I say that we all should try to rig the competition...or at least contribute! We'll even offer a prize. If you are able to win this week's caption contest by somehow incorporating the words "Lost" and "Ogle" into your submission (and I hope you submit more than one), you will win one of our new Lost Ogle shirts. Cheesy, huh?!?

Also, if you want to really help us out, Look at OKC is now hiring photographers. Please apply and take some bad pictures. We want more unintentionally funny stuff to poke fun at.

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