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KREF Fantasy Football Draft Results

Sometimes I wonder which is worse:
A. Listening to someone talk about their fantasy football team,
B. Listening to someone talk about a bad beat in Texas Hold Em, or
C. Listening to that stupid golf show on the Sports Animal with Andy Dilliard and Craig Humphreys

Since all three are terrible, we are going to try to avoid ever writing about any of them.  But for this time only, I am going to list our fantasy football team from the KREF Fantasy Football League.  To make up for this, please enjoy the picture of Jessica Alba playing football in the ocean.  Here's the team:

QBs (start 1):
Matt Hasslebeck, Jason Campbell

RBs (start 2):
Frank Gore, Cedric Benson, Brandon Jacobs, Lamont Jordan

WRs (start 3):
Lee Evans, Laveranues Coles, Chris Chambers, Mike Furrey, Brandon Marshall, Matt Jones

TEs (start 1):
Todd Heap, Tony Scheffler

Defense/ST (start 1):

Kicker (start 1):
John Kasay

Anyway, this post is going nowhere.  If you are a good reader, please tell us how much our team sucks.  Thanks!

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