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What are ‘The Seven Wonders’ of OKC?

About a month ago, some private Swiss foundation thought it would be fun to come up with a brand new 'Seven Wonders of the World'. After reading over them, it made me think:

"What are the Seven Wonders of Oklahoma City?"

After some careful deliberation, three of them are pretty obvious:

"¢ The Oklahoma City National Memorial
"¢ Bricktown
"¢ The State Capital

After that, there are a bunch of candidates. Some are good, most are bad. 10 of them are after the jump. If you can, give me some of yours, too.

The imageBass Pro ShopsThe place is big, is a taxpayer ripoff, and its large presence helps solidify our grand reputation as a state full of hillbillies. Plus, it provides ample free parking to cheapskates like myself. Milk Bottle Building on North ClassenI guess this is where the milk man used to work. Now I think it's the home of some Asian bistro or something. Also, Braum's has their logo on the bottle. This makes me think that the Asian bistro messes up a lot of orders. USAWell, it looks nice and neat from the highway.

Go to fullsize imageThe Really Big OCCC Swimming PoolThis is an Olympic caliber pool at a junior college. That's silly. At least it will help our 2052 Olympic bid.


The Lost, Underground Chinese city:
This is on the list only because it's fun to say "lost underground Chinese city".

Green VertigoThe Underground Walkways DowntownThanks to the design of Rand Elliott, downtown professionals get to spend their lunch hour traipsing around in a maze of rave like tunnels. The neon colored walls and colored florescent lighting gives suit draped men the feeling of taking extacy. All that's missing is a dj spinning repetitive beats with heavy bass, thirty year old dudes scoping out teenagers and Clark Matthews.

NewsOK.comBig. Cumbersome. Antiquated. Everything a 'wonder' should be.

The Chesapeake Energy CampusIt may not be a wonder now, but it probably will be in about 20-years.

Gary England:Or at least a statue of him somewhere...

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