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Dear God! “˜Saving Grace’ may stick around!

Saving Grace

According to the website, it looks like actual living, breathing people are watching "˜Saving Grace.'  This is scary news to those of us who want the show to be cancelled ASAP.  From Zap2it:

The show, which stars Oscar winner Holly Hunter as a fast-living Oklahoma City cop, drew 6.4 million viewers for its premiere. That's the biggest audience for a cable series premiere this year, and in numbers of households, it's third all-time for a series debut on ad-supported cable, trailing only the premieres of "The Closer" in 2005 and USA's "The 4400" in 2004.

The website has some even scarier stuff, as it seems the critics kind of digg it, too.  According to the site, "˜Grace' has received a metascore of 65 out of 100.  The score is based upon 20 reviews provided by national magazine and newspaper critics, and equates to a "generally favorable review."  Oddly enough, the highest score came from the Christian Science Monitor, which gave the show an 83.  The lowest score was a 30 provided by Wall Street Journal reviewer Nancy Lee Smith. 

Nancy said:

We're left with a heap of hocus-pocus that will offend some viewers and seem pretentious or silly to others.

Since sports and the local news are about the only things that I watch on television, I'm probably not the best judge or critic for a cable crime drama, but I agree with Nancy.  The show is silly and kind of dumb, and it will offend a bunch of viewers (the offensive stuff is about the only thing that I liked about the show.)   The silliness, plus the fact that it is a walking, talking stereotype of Oklahoma City, makes me really dislike the show.  Nevertheless, I'll still watch the show this Monday, just so we can have another "lets watch the show and post stupid comments" thing like we did on Monday.

So if you can, swing by The Lost Ogle on Monday night, and share the pain of watching "˜Saving Grace' with others.  Also, if you missed "˜Saving Grace' (and have no clue as to what we were talking about last week), you can now view the show at   Do it, because it's the right thing to do! 

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