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The Lost Ogle Mailbag

You may not have known it, but has an email address. It's something like thelostogle at Since we don't have time to respond to the large volume of email we receive, I figured I would share some of the better ones here.

Does Dean Blevins have herpes?Linda C., Oklahoma City

We are not 100% sure. There is a 60% chance that Dean has some sort of STD, and an 80% chance that it is herpes. Of course fever blisters count as herpes, but 75% of the population consider those as good herpes. I would say there is a 95% chance that Dean gets fever blisters.

Is The Lost Ogle endorsed by any member of the prestigious Ogle family? If so, they should have told me.Kent O., Edmond

Not yet. When Kelly finally reads one of our absurd emails on "Your Two Cents", we will consider that an endorsement. However, if you count our MySpace friends as a ringing endorsement, we are endorsed by Lump, Carey Murdock, Tony Sellars, three attractive girls, numerous bars, a couple of bands and the mayor's son.

Will Mathis Brothers finally get a Starbucks?Jeremy R., Moore

Calls to Mathis Brothers have not been returned, but sources confirm that the furniture palace's Starbucks rip-off has "exceeded expectations."

I'm enjoying the abundance of sports radio in Oklahoma City. Any chance that the guys at can get their own sports talk show?James H., Norman

Possibly. According to a story in Oklahoma Weekly, civic leaders are considering a "grand experiment" to turn the Oklahoma City weather radio band into 24/7 local sports talk. If this works out, we have already been contacted about hosting "Sports All Night" a midnight to 5am sports show.

Why is Reno not called First Street?Clark M., The Village

Good Question, Clark. I think the better question is why The Village is called The Village.

Who still eats at the Spaghetti Warehouse? Why is this place open?Mia L., Oklahoma City

I'm glad you asked this question. The "˜success' of the Spaghetti Warehouse, Bricktown Brewery and even Crab Town is critical if we want to cement our status as a true major league city. All major cities have those average restaurants that are solely supported by out-of-towners and tourists, and those are ours.

Have Jude and Jody's sons ruined the family's business?Larry E., Oklahoma City

I think so. I haven't seen a Judy and Jody commercial in years. I bet the son's really didn't love folks. That has probably hurt business.

Is there a God?Aubrey M., Nichols Hills

Yes. And his name is Gary England.

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