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Oklahoma Needs a Presence on YouTube

In a world where techno junkies publish recreations of game 6 of the 1986 World Series with ridiculous detail on an old Nintendo game, I can't find a single clip of John Stewart skewering Tom Coburn for doing a crossword puzzle? In addition to high quality entertainment like the embeded video above, if I want to see a laughing baby, a dog drinking from a sprinkler, or a stalker torpedoing the Obama campaign YouTube is the perfect place. If I need something important, like an old Sound Warehouse commercial featuring Linda Soundtrack, though, it is worthless to me.

That's why I need your help reader.You can't tell me no Oklahoman has been going through their VHS tapes and popped in an old Miami Vice recording and seen Linda shilling for a now defunct electronics store between commercials featuring Max Headroom and "The Clapper" without thinking: "This needs to be on YouTube." If this person is out there, there's a good chance he/she is a loyal follower of So, I am imploring you, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Even if you aren't one of those people who puts crazy video clips out on YouTube, there is a good chance you are the type of person who scours that website for crazy video clips. When you find one of those clips that is Oklahoma related, I need to be informed. If a clip you bring to my attention is mentioned in one of my columns (and you were the first to send it), you will be the lucky recipient of some Kerr-McGee paraphernalia that my wife is hounding me to get out of the garage.

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