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Searching for our Jack Nicholson

2:27 PM EDT on June 19, 2007

While looking for something else, I ran across this old article from ESPN's Page 2 ranking the top 50 celebrity sports fans. This got me thinking about the potential impending arrival of the Sonics. Who will be our famous celebrity fan? Our Jack Nicholson, Spike Lee, or even better, Eva Longoria?

Here are a few ideas of who could be the Oklahoma City Sonics #1 fan.

Toby Keith

I think we can all agree that this is a bad idea. Sadly, I would imagine it's also the most likely. We know already that he's a basketball fan, and he seems to be at every University of Oklahoma sporting event. I see no reason he wouldn't have the time to attend 41 Sonics games a year. Does he still make music? That's a serious question, as I've never actually listened one of his songs in my entire life.

Megan Mullally

She grew up in Oklahoma City before heading off to Hollywood and making it big on Will and Grace. It appears that she's at least something of a basketball fan, and her talk show was recently and mercifully canceled, so she certainly has the time to devote to the Sonics.

The Horsepigs

The Horsepigs are not really celebrities. In fact, they aren't really even actual people. I just want them the hell away from my OU football games. Let them be the Sonics' problem.

Chris Anderson

He doesn't have anything to do for while, and he'd probably be willing to sit on the front row and cheer for the Sonics in exchange for a round of shots at Baker's Street.

Denzel Washington

Sure, he's a Laker fan right now, and has been for awhile. But I think we could entice him to the 405. First of all, the sheer number of celebrity Laker fans is getting outrageous. Denzel is a huge star, and with the Lakers he's a overlooked because of Jack Nicholson and the many other Hollywood stars at the Staples center. In Oklahoma City he'd be a big fish in a small pond. Also, he did a movie with Ray Allen, so there's that connection.

Adam Duritz

The Counting Crows lead singer lead singer has already been to Oklahoma City for a basketball game once, and afterwards was extremely complimentary. And you know us Oklahomans, when somebody says something nice about us, we embrace them like nobody else. Perhaps we could somehow make the Counting Crows popular again. Just kidding about that last part. That will never happen.

Chris Paul

Oh sure, "technically" he plays for another team in the NBA. But CP3 really took to OKC during his time here, and I have it on good authority he loves the ribs at Charleston's. Get the owner to offer him a lifetime supply, and I personally guarantee Chris Paul will retire, move to Oklahoma City, and become the Oklahoma City Sonics' #1 fan. If this does not happen, I will give the first 50 e-mailers a lifetime membership to absolutely free.

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