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Why won’t Dean Blevins update his web site?

1:36 PM EDT on June 5, 2007

I stumbled across Dean Blevins' web site over the weekend. His most recent column begins with this sentence:

With the expectation of an over-qualified editor from Wolverine Land lending his hand and time, you can look for more frequent writings and easier reading. Please continute checking in.

This was dated April 14th. I understand that Deano has had some health problems, but he's been back at work for awhile now, so I was wondering why it's been nearly two months since he updated his web site, despite his claims that his writings would be more frequent. The investigative reporters here at did some digging into the matter, and it looks like I can give you a few theories as to the reason has been dormant so long.

My sources indicate that there is a 60% chance that during a follow-up to this interview, Kevin Wilson lost his temper and broke every one of Deano's fingers, rendering him unable to type. Furthermore, I'm told there is a 25% chance that between doing the nightly sportscast and the amount of time he spends on the golf course, there simply has not been an opportunity over the last two months to update his website. And finally, there is a 15% chance that Dean is looking for a new writer for, a "Mystery Candidate," if you will. Sources confirm that Rick Neuheisel is that mystery candidate.

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