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1:43 PM EDT on May 21, 2007

So the deadCENTER Film Festival is nearly upon us. From June 6th through June 10th, a bunch of independent film makers and enthusiasts will descend upon our fair city. If you've ever been to an indie film festival, you know what that means: you get to spend a whole lot of time a bunch of rarely-shaven hipsters who think they're smarter than you and often smell pretty bad. And that's just the women.

Though founded in 2001, I have to admit that I wasn't even aware of the deadCENTER film festival until last year, when I attended a screening of a film called Stomp! Shout! Scream! I had high hopes, given the writer and director was a guy named Jay Edwards, who is a producer on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a show that I'm told is quite entertaining (it's probably the show I most frequently claim to watch, but that's just a lie to make me look cool). Anyway, I don't want to claim it was a disappointing evening, but the screening was outside, and just before the film started it was announced that the organizers had forgotten to have the sprinklers turned off and that they would randomly be coming on during the movie. It was requested that if a sprinkler came on near us that we throw our blankets over it to smother the water. Which we did. As for the movie itself, a campy satire of 1960s monster movies, lets just say that the best part of the film was a song about Syphillis.

So, unfortunately, my experience with this particular film festival hasn't exactly been great, but many others inform me that this was an aberration, and I'm enthused about giving it a second chance this year. There are lots of interesting and highly regarded movies on tap, so I hope to see you there.

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