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This week’s TLO Trivia Night theme: TV Dads

Danny Tanner. Al Bundy. Phil Dunphy. Carl Winslow. Jason Seaver. Peter Griffin. Jack Arnold. Dr. Cliff Huxt.... Okay. You get the point. Although your regular dad may have a been a deadbeat, there's always been a TV dad there fore you, providing wisdom, encouragement, humor, and teaching you the difference between right and wrong, usually in a convenient 30-minute block filled with commercials for junk food. To honor these men of the small screen for Father's Day, we're making "TV Dads" our TLO Trivia Night theme for the week of June 10th. One double-point question from each round will be about these men who helped make you the anxious, paranoid weirdo you are today. Here's our weekly trivia schedule. For rules and other details, click here: Tuesday  •  Fassler Hall  •  8:00pm 421 NW 10th St Oklahoma City, OK, 73103 First Place: $75 (House Cash); Second Place: $25 (House Cash) ; Third Place: $10 (House Cash) - Thursday  •  Anchor Down  •  8:00pm 30 NE 2nd St Oklahoma City, OK 73104 First Place: $50 (House Cash) ; Second Place: $25 (House Cash); Third Place: $10 (House Cash) - Friday  •  Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway  •  9:00pm 4130 N.W. Expressway (Bar Area / Smoking) Oklahoma City, OK First Place: $50 (Real Cash!) ; Second Place: $25 (House Cash); Third Place: $10 (House Cash)