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20. 15 Ways to make Oklahoma City Thunder Games More Enjoyable During the Thunder's first season in OKC, not only was the team terrible, but the game presentation was boring.  We threw out some ideas to make the whole Thunder experience more enjoyable. 19. Lost Ogle Q&A: Mayor Cornett For our one year anniversary, the Mayor of our fair city was kind enough to grant us an interview. 18. To the Hizzzzeeeeeeeeeeeee high school sports writer threw out is best single-channel attempt at "Boom Goes the Dynamite."  He did it with "speed to burn." 17. The only thing this is missing is a liger Former Oklahoma Country Commissioner did his best to let people know he's an idiot"¦and an aspiring comic book auteur. 16. Top 10 Reasons to visit Tulsa It came as a surprise to us that that were 10 reasons to visit Tulsa. 15. Jerry Giordano probably smells Tulsa news reporter Jerry Giordano had a bit too much to drink one afternoon.  He ended up paying for it later. 14. Top 20 Oklahoma Restaurants that I wish were still open I've lived in Oklahoma City my entire life and have seen many restaurants come and go.  This is a list of 20 that I would like to come back. 13. Maggie Carlo has a going away party.  We were not invited. We really liked former Channel 5 Newsanchor Maggie Carlo.  We liked her so much that we even posted pics from her going away party! 12. Make it Snow!  Make it Snow!  Make it Snow! This was simply our 3-cents on the OU Sorority girls who became an Internet meme. 11. Name Oklahoma City's NBA Franchise When the Thunder moved to Oklahoma City, it gave us an opportunity to help name the franchise.  They didn't listen to any of our suggestions. 10. Top 10 Names for the OKC Thunder Dance Team What does it mean when our list of possible names for the Thunder Dance Team gets more hits than our list of names for the actual franchise?  It means the internet is full of perverts. 9. Dave Morris is hitting this!?! Dave Morris the video anchor dude from  He has a ridiculously hot wife/girlfriend.  He also is a Douche Bag. 8. Oklahoma City's Sleaziest Locations Every city in the country has some sleazy locations.  This is a comprehensive list of ours. 7. Worst of OKC In 2008, we published a month long series called the Worst of OKC.  In it, we had our Lost Ogle readers vote on the worst things in Oklahoma City.  Some of the highlights:  Worst Douche Bag, Worst Sports Animal Host and Worst Weatherman 6. Lost Ogle Q&A: Manny Ramirez High Five Guy Remember that weird Manny Ramirez highlight where he gave a fan a high five while making an amazing play in the outfield?  Well, that fan was from Oklahoma.  He gave us an interview about the experience. 5. Ogle Madness I Ogle Madness is our annual Oklahoma Celebrity Tournament.  2008 was the first year we ran it.  The champion was an attractive local news reporter. 4. Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May During May of 2008, we wrote about a hot Oklahoma based girl each day during the month of May.  For some reason, people liked that series.  The most popular post was our profile on former Playmate of the Year Candy Loving. 3. Blake Griffin is not pretty in pink or in drag Before he was a number one draft pick, consensus player of the year, and all American for OU, Blake Grifffin was your average, everyday freakishly athletic high school senior.  You know, the one who frolicked through fields while wearing dress in a pink halter top, white dress and a blonde wig.  For some reason, people enjoyed this"¦especially the fans in Missouri. 2. The Travels of Cardboard Jim Traber: Oklahoma City Pride Festival What would you do if you stumbled across a life-size cardboard cutout of Jim Traber? Make him your friend, right? That's what we did, only we decided to take him places.  The most popular of all these has been the Oklahoma City Pride Festival.  For some reason, people found it funny to see a right-wing blowhard Sports Radio host mingling with the gay community. 1. Is this the Oklahoma City Thunder Logo? We were the first "media outlet" to reveal the Oklahoma City Thunder Logo.  This resulted in many many many national media outlets referencing this "obscure local social" blog from Oklahoma City.