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From Mike Gundy to Jenni Carlson to assassinated scrotums, these are the 20 most viewed posts that we published in 2007: 20. The local media is ballin" The local sports media likes to talk about basketball, but can they play basketball???  After looking at these pictures, probably not. 19. When Deano has to go; Deano has to go. Dean Blevins is a former OU quarterback, national football analyst and currently the Sports Director for KWTV Channel 9.  He also took a leak on live radio. 18. Inside the Custer County Sex Scandal Remember that county sheriff who tried to turn the county jail in to a girls-in-prison flick?  Well, we dug a bit deeper in to the scandal.  And by dug, I mean analyzed the MySpace friends of one of his more notorious accusers. 17. Awful Oklahoma Commercials Every city has its fair share of annoying local commercials, but why does it seem like Oklahoma City has more? 16. Meet your Oklahoma Cavs Dance Team Remember that one year window when we didn't have NBA basketball?  Well, some business man thought he could capitalize on the absence by bringing a CBA team to Lawton.  This minor league basketball team had a minor league dance team. 15. Free Lauren Richardson This was our first ever post about local news reporter/ goddess Lauren Richardson.  It wouldn't be out last. 14. Amy McRee puts things in her mouth. Do you ever have cravings to put things in your mouth because they taste good?  Well, so does Amy. 13. Oklahoma Initiative Ideas Back in 2007, some really dumb legislators thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of 100 ideas to move Oklahoma forward.  We decided to contribute our own 100 ideas 12. 12 Hottest Men in the Oklahoma City News Media We write about hot chicks a bunch on The Lost Ogle, so to make our females readers happy, we ranked our local medias hottest guys.  Some people said we didn't do too good of a job. 11. Tyler Nelson may soon go missing. Remember that really bad Indiana Jones movie with the really stupid plot?  Well, at one time that plot was very secretive, and this male ballerina from Edmond nearly revealed it in an interview with the Edmond Sun. 10. Headlines from the future We took a stab at some headlines that we thought may appear in the future.  None of them have happened"¦yet. 9. You decided: Who is Oklahoma City's Best Porn Star Porn and the Internet go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  It's no wonder then that this post about two porn stars from Oklahoma City is so popular. 8. 2007 20 Hottest Women in the OKC News Media This annual ranking of hot chicks in the media is one of the more popular features of this site. 7. Mike Gundy is subtle Remember that whole "I'm a man.  I'm 40" thing that Mike Gundy did?  Well, we just happened to be the first website to upload that video to YouTube.  To date, our version has been viewed over 750,000 times. 6. Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments About two months in to The Lost Ogle, we got the idea to come up with a list of 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments.  The original intention of our list was to mock the silly Oklahoma centennial lists that were being published in The Oklahoman. Eventually, the list took off and became a crowing Lost Ogle achievement. 5. Jim Traber Drinking Game If you want to make listening to Jim Traber tolerable, you should probably listen to him while drunk.  Playing the Jim Traber drinking game will make help you with that goal. 4. Amy McRee's Pink Bikini Ahhh"Amy McRee.  At the lake.  With hot friends.  Wearing a pink bikini.  Joy. 3. Is this the OU Scrotal Assassin? When we reached the end of the top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments, we figured it would be fun to start a new list. Originally, it was going to be the Top 100 Bars in Oklahoma City. But then we learned coming up with 100 bars (and something to say about them) is actually kind of difficult. But coming up with 100 good ideas to improve our state?  That was easy. 2. Jenni Carlson has 35 friends"...we are not one of them. When the whole Gundygate fiasco took off, the world wanted to know who this Jenni Carlson girl was.  Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get some screen shots and updates from her MySpace Page before she made it private. 1. Girls of the Big 12 are Hot; Probably good at baseball. Apparently, super sports websites (DeadSpin, With Leather, SportbyBrooks) find it interesting when you reveal that a girl posing in a Playboy college edition is the daughter of a head baseball coach at a major university. But they find it very interesting when you reveal that the university the girl represents in Playboy is also her father's rival school.