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1. About Patrick

Patrick Riley (not the artist) is the co-founder, owner and publisher of The Lost Ogle. He founded the site as a hobby in 2007, and since then has written and published over 5,000 articles as it's grown into a fledgling business. His current duties include writing content, hosting podcasts, editing contributor content, managing social media, and selling ads. He also occasionally hosts and emcees The Lost Ogle’s popular bar trivia and bingo nights held through the metro. Well, at least he did before the pandemic wiped out that line of business. Patrick was born and raised in the Oklahoma City metro. He spent his childhood in south-central OKC, teenage years in the Bethany area, and most of his adulthood on the “northside.” Before becoming “The Lost Ogle Guy,” Patrick worked in the Marketing/Communications field for some prominent local businesses. Patrick - who sometimes writes in third-person – holds a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing from the University of Central Oklahoma. He also holds an Associate’s from Oklahoma City Community College and is a member of their “Alumni Hall of Fame,” cementing his status as the ultimate overachieving-underachiever. In his spare time, Patrick likes to spend time with his daughter; complain about OU football, Thunder basketball and Cubs baseball; drink a good beer with friends; and fall into Wikipedia and YouTube wormholes. It’s a joyous life.