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Paycom wants to spy on its employees…

Attention all Paycom employees: Big Brother – and/or Chad Richison – is watching!

Over the past couple of weeks, various Ogle Moles have reached out claiming that Paycom has started using Teramind – a secretive employee productivity monitoring software – to spy on its employees as they work.

Here’s a write-up that someone claiming to be a Paycom HR employee posted in a now-deleted entry on Glassdoor:


Yikes. I’m glad software like this didn’t exist when I worked in the corporate world, otherwise this website I created while bored in my old office probably wouldn’t exist!

Obviously, the Glassdoor post is a bit inflammatory and biased, but according to my Moles, the basic gist is on point.

After it made the rounds in Paycomland, I had one remote worker reach out and say that the software is already loaded on their computer, while another Mole said, “I can confirm this is 100% true. It is currently rolled out to hybrid workers and will be rolled out to all employees by the end of the month.”

Update: After I published this article, another Paycom employee reached out and provided screenshots of the Teramind software on his computer.

In all honesty, it’s not a big surprise that Paycom has started using dystopian software like Teramind to watch over employees like they are a bunch of Epsilons in Brave New World.

Employee monitoring software has become very popular in Corporate America since the pandemic, and according to this recent article in the Wall Street Journal, it’s becoming even harder to trick:

Plus, as we’ve reported, Paycom has seemingly gone out of its way over the past 18 months or so to disrupt the lives of their employees. 

First, the company went back on its pledge to permanently allow employees to work from home…

A few months after that, they started changing everyone's job roles and functions…

Then, just to rub it in, they changed the dress code…

Seriously, it’s almost like Paycom has intentionally changed its culture from one that valued and respected employees and seemed like a cool place to work, to one that now uses fear and paranoia to control and intimidate and rule them.

I’m sure that will work out great in the end.

Anyway, if you’re a Paycom employee and have any scoop about this or the company, be sure to send us an email from your personal computer or phone and let us know. You never know when Chad is watching.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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