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Paco Hunkerrama resigns as Fresno Police Chief…

We have good news to report for police wives all across the country – Paco Balderrama is available!

Well, kind of.

A few weeks back, we were the first Oklahoma-based media outlet to let the 405 know that former OKC P.I.O. heartthrob Paco Balderrama was under fire in his role as Fresno Police Chief after he was caught having an affair with a fellow officer’s wife.

There were even accusations that Paco blocked a promotion opportunity for his paramour’s husband because it would have interfered with their illicit weekend dalliances!

Paco threw together a hastily organized damage control campaign to fight and downplay the scandal.

Leaning on his Oklahoma upbringing, he did things like share out-of-context Bible quotes on his now-deleted X account, and sent an open letter to his fellow officers begging for forgiveness:

"My actions did not meet the standards of who I am as a man of faith, husband, or father," he wrote. "I own my mistakes, they are mine and mine alone to bear, and I will pay for those mistakes for the rest of my life."

When the golly-shucks-Jesus-loves-you stuff that would have earned him a standing ovation in Oklahoma didn’t work in California, he turned to a more defiant tone:

"If I sold insurance, if I was a principal, if I was a director of another department," said Chief Paco Balderrama, Fresno Police. "Would this make news? No, it wouldn't."

I hate to break it to Paco, but he wasn’t an insurance salesman or school principal. He was the freaking Chief of Police – an office where integrity, accountability, and maintaining the trust of both your employees and the public are all constructs of the job. It’s hard to perform in that role when all your fellow male officers are worried you’re going to make a move on their wives!

Although a city investigation cleared Paco of the accusation that he sabotaged a subordinate's career to continue his philandering ways, the whole 'having a lengthy affair with a fellow cop's wife' thing was a bit too much for Paco to overcome, and he officially submitted his resignation yesterday afternoon.

Here’s a snippet of his farewell to the people of Fresno:

The people of Fresno are beautiful, diverse and very supportive of their police department. Even through my most difficult trials, you have been king, forgiving, and uplifting. Thank you for being there for me. The rewarding part of the job has not been the huge responsibility, job stress, or intense work. It has always been the people. I will miss both the Fresno community and every member of the Fresno Police Department. I have no doubt that this group of hard-working and compassionate police officers and professional staff will continue to thrive and do great things. This is the right time for me to step away and focus on my faith and family. I love you.

Yeah, that was a bit awkward. When you’re resigning because you sweet-talked your way into a long affair with an employee's wife, you may want to hold off on writing a love letter to randos and calling everyone beautiful. Let's hope he didn't take things way too far and try to buy everyone in the city flowers!

Anyway, I never met or interacted with Paco when he worked in OKC, but from all accounts, he was a pretty well-liked and respected guy, and not just from all the dreamy-eyed women who wanted to wrap themselves around his muscly man arms.

It will be interesting to see if he comes back to OKC or finds a new city to call homewreck. It does appear he's on the prowl...

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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