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Oklahoma Sports Announcer Likes Hot Soccer Moms…

I have some good news and bad news to report. 

First, the good news – Earlier this week, an Oklahoma high school sports announcer said something inappropriate and offensive while covering a Kansas high school girl’s soccer game and it wasn’t racist!

Cool stuff, huh?

The bad news is it was sexist instead. 

Toby Moore – a low-level PA announcer from Tulsa who once competed on Wheel of Fortune – achieved Internet infamy this week after he was caught on a hot mic insulting the skill level of high school soccer players and ogling their hot moms. 

It sounded like the typical male conversation you’d hear at any Hooters, construction site, board room, state capitol, prayer breakfast, or, well, high school stadium, but because the stooge was dumb enough to say it on a hot mic for the world to hear, it quickly went viral across the sports social media blogosphere scene.  

Check it out:

That's cool. If you ask me, "I can feelthe ass hit from here," belongs up there with "Do you Believe in Miracles? Yes!" and "Boom Goes The Dynamite" as one of the greatest sports calls of all time!

In all honesty, Moore's comments made me laugh more than it made me mad, but either way, but you can’t say vulgar and sexist stuff like that on a microphone in the 21st century and expect to get away with it! 

Well, that is unless you’re running for president of the United States. Then it’s okay. 

Moore quickly apologized for the on-air gaffe, and somewhat surprisingly, did not blame it on his diabetes.

“I would like to apologize to the Rose Hill and McPherson schools, players, coaches, families, and communities for my remarks last Saturday. They were tasteless, stupid, and inexcusable. Those comments did not reflect the tremendous season and hard work both sides had during the year.

Thank you to KSHSAA and NFHS for allowing me the privilege to call games on their network. I sincerely and deeply apologize for my tasteless and hurtful remarks and ask forgiveness from those that were hurt by my words.”

Even after his rushed apology, the KSHSAA and NFHS canceled Moore, which – good news for him – means he’ll no longer have to suffer through boring high school soccer games.

That being said, he’ll now have to go to more traditional places like Target to check out hot moms.

Although we know who Moore is, the identity of the second announcer is still unknown. We'll be closely monitoring the Twitter accounts of Cam Jourdon and The Oklahoman to see if they break that news sometime today.

On second thought, maybe we’ll hold off. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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