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Paul Bondar’s vehicle spotted in Oklahoma wild!

Yesterday afternoon, an Ogle Mole sent me a pic of a black Lincoln Navigator with Texas plates that was stuck in traffic on the mean streets of Moore:

From all appearances, that vehicle looks like a run-of-the-mill gas-guzzler driven by your brother-in-law who made a lot of money selling software in Dallas, but if you zoom in and pay attention, you’ll notice it has the tell-tale marking of a real-life vehicle belonging to Paul Bondar – the Texan from Wisconsin who is running to be an Oklahoma congressional representative! 

Check this out:


Yep, that’s right! 

The truck has Texas plates, was spotted in Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District, and has a Paul Bondar bumper sticker slapped on it!

Unless the vehicle belongs to a loyal and devoted Texan who’s pulling for their state to carpetbag a congressional seat from Oklahoma, who else could that thing belong to but Bondar?! 

“That’s nice and everything Patrick, but where’s the pic of the driver?”

Unfortunately, Bondar is a bit like Bigfoot and hard to photograph in the Oklahoma wild, so our Mole was unable to score a pic of Bondar driving the car. I guess it could have been driven by Bondar’s wife, Roger Stone, or even Jackson Lahmeyer. 

Either way, just like a giant footprint on the ground or a clumpy tuft of brown hair in a tree, the circumstantial evidence – Texas license plate, Bondar bumper sticker, Lincoln Navigator – is all there. That has to be Bondar’s car.

Update: It is!

This is actually a big deal, because it confirms that Paul Bondar has been to Oklahoma, something that our media and political scene has been struggling to verify and document for a few weeks now. Who knows? If Bondar upsets Tom Cole, maybe he’ll reveal himself and actually move here. At the very least, maybe he’ll get an Oklahoma license plate.

Anyway, I guess if you spot Paul Bondar cruising around in the Oklahoma wild in one of his Texas-plated vehicles, send us a photo so we can document it. Until then…

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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