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New Twisters Trailer Released: Movie Looks Like a Disaster

We have some awesome news for fans of dumbed-down disaster flicks that are bound to rake in a lot of money!

Just in time to awkwardly capitalize on recent deadly tornado outbreaks that hit the state, the trailer for Twisters was released on the Internet this week!

The movie stars Daisy Edgar-Jones as the pretty yet attainable tomboy scientist and Hollywood heartthrob Glen Powell as a cool, handsome, and countrified version of Reed Timmer. It also features a variety of cameos from local weather personalities like, uhm, KFOR’s Damien Lodes...

First of all, Twisters really should have hired a weather media expert to let them know the map and graphic are missing about 10 other colors.

Second, out of all the weather people in this market, they went with Damien Lodes from Freedom 43? I’m pretty sure he went undrafted in my 2024 Oklahoma Severe Weather Media Fantasy League! Maybe the producers blew all their money on actors and CGI and couldn’t afford anyone better.

I’m not 100% sure what the movie’s plot is or even if that matters, but it appears Twisters follows the standard disaster flick playbook, featuring a heavy dose of action-packed, CGI-crafted, totally unrealistic scenes catered for people who watch network TV and eat at Applebee’s:

Because it was made in Oklahoma and I had friends who worked on the production, I’ll watch Twisters and probably hate most of it.

What can I say? These movies just aren't made for snobs like me.

Although I can play along and suspend my disbelief in reality when watching dwarves fight dragons or alien races duke it out in a galaxy far, far away, I prefer a dash of realism and believability in movies set on this planet – two attributes disaster movie screenwriters avoid at all costs.

For example, instead of high-fiving a friend and yelling “That’s awesome!” whenever The Rock is holding up a crumbling skyscraper, or John Cusack is driving a limousine through a collapsing Los Angeles, I’m the guy who rolls my eyes and mutters “whatever” when attractive storm chasers and meteorologists dodge firenados...


Maybe I’m just too wrapped up in Oklahoma weather culture and can’t see through the wall cloud lowering with developing scud, but when I saw the opening scene in the trailer my thoughts were “Yeah, they would have had plenty of advanced warning that a tornado was coming and would have canceled the damn rodeo,” but I guess that wouldn’t make for a very fun movie.

Anyway, if you do like movies like Twisters, all power to you!

Although we can’t be friends, I’m sure you’re going to love it, especially if you have an irrational hatred towards El Reno.


Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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