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Mayor McSelfie Celebrates Thunder Win the Only Way He Knows How: “Look at Me!”

If I had to pick one word to describe Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt, I’m not sure what I’d go with.

A few that immediately come to mind are “ingratiating,” “superficial,” “selfie-stick,” and “goobersmooch.”

One word that would stay hidden in my Broca's area, however, is “Cool.”

I guess that’s why I had to roll my eyes and dry heave yesterday – did I mention I was hungover? – when I saw this video of McSelfie standing on top of a bar in New York City to give a rousing speech following last night’s Thunder win over the Mavs.

According to one person there, it's proof that Holt is very cool.

Yep, pretty "cool," huh?

That being said, since Mayor McSelfie is just only one vote out of nine, shouldn't the whole city council have been grandstanding for attention on the bar with him?

In all fairness, I can see why uninformed people who don’t’ live here – and aren’t aware of the legislation Holt introduced as a State Senator, don’t know about his behind-closed-doors dealings with the ruling class, and aren’t constantly exposed to Holt’s publicity-seeking antics – are dazzled and entertained by this stuff.

You have to admit, it’s kind of fun to see a politician get caught up in the moment and do something off-the-cuff and unannounced, right?!

Oh. So the whole thing was as planned and choreographed as his infamous mic drop at Scissortail Park. The cool factor on that is dropping faster than the Mavs championship chances.

If you’re a long-time reader of the site – like Mayor Holt – you probably know I have some mixed feelings about him. This video sums up why.

From a macro big-picture branding perspective, I think he's a great – albeit campy – ambassador and social media influencer for Oklahoma City.

For people who don't care or pay attention – like most of the hundreds of thousands of people who were exposed to the video on social media – McSelfie presents a nice, friendly, and modern view of our town that shows the rest of the world that not everyone from here is a pickup truck driving redneck out dodging tornadoes.

But when you’re exposed to Mayor McSeflie on a regular basis you start to see through his schtick, and his antics seem the farthest thing from “cool.”

Anyway, that kind of seems like a mean-spirited way to end the article, so in celebration of the Thunder’s big Game 1 win, I’m going to take the macro view of McSelfie and thank him for doing a swell job promoting our city and himself on social media.

I hope the Thunder win another 11 games this postseason and give him more opportunities to go viral and possibly even get a tweet featured on Sportscenter!

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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