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Text messages reveal Brent Swadley’s deception, and concerns about future of “White Race”

Yesterday afternoon, a PDF containing a large batch of state evidence related to the Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Swindle made the rounds on social media.

For the most part, the 150-page PDF is pretty mundane and full of boring deposition, appraisal info, and other court documents, but it does include some text messages between Brent Swadley and his co-defendant Curt Breuklander that are juicier than a big pile of brisket.

On the topic of brisket, they also reveal Brent Swadley has some concerns about the future of the White race.

Check out these text exchanges between the grifters. Curt's are in black and on the right. Brent Swadley is on the left and, fittingly, white:

First of all, can we go ahead and add “Call Me About Brisket” to the great quotes in American history, up there with “Where’s the beef,” I am not a crook,” and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

Second, is anyone surprised that Brent Swadley – an Evangelical “CINO” (Christian in Name Only) from the Bethany area harbors racist sentiments and feelings, and feels the White race is doomed all because some Americans used their Democratic voice to narrowly elect a – gasp! – Black preacher to the US Senate?

It's been a couple of years since that election, and at last check, the "White race" is doing fine.

Also, if Brent Swadley thinks the election of a Black man in Georgia means the “White race has lost,” imagine how people of other races may feel, especially the ones who were once enslaved due to the color of their skin, and then after being freed, were forced to endure over a century's worth of government-backed, endorsed and enabled oppression that denied them equal rights under the law, all at the hands of the “White race.”

Anyway, when they weren’t discussing national politics, Swadley and Breuklander discussed how they can get all the money they can from the state, and meet in person to discuss the finer details.

They also talked getting the “guats” – an ethnic slur for Guatemalans – coming into work.

Other conversations were more benign, like where they just talked about the bonuses they were going to pay themselves with taxpayer money:

Here’s one where they talked about beaver and editing invoices:

Yep, it’s "beaver all over again."

I think they’re talking about the Beaver’s Bend location that I assume made Brent and Kurt some nice money through fraudulent and inflated invoices, and not the slang word for a woman’s vagina.

According to the Ogle Mole Network, Swadley refers to those as “Beef Curtains.”

At one point, Curt – who probably shouldn't have been using text messaging to discuss his criminal acts – celebrated getting paid $250K from the state, and asked if they needed to pad more invoices:

Anyway, you can view the entire PDF here.

I’m not sure what other evidence that state has that may be introduced later. It will also be interesting to see the entire paper trail of invoices and other documents, and read witness statements, depositions and testimonies from other co-conspirators.

Until then, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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